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At ELLAKTOR Group, the active contribution and effective promotion of sustainable development are placed at the core of its operational planning and the activities of its business segments.

Ensuring a safe and fair working environment, providing effective support for the economy and local communities, and reducing the impact of its environmental activities are the Group’s basic principles.

These commitments, a key guide for the fulfilment of the Group’s mission, are expressed not only through the modern infrastructure projects that for decades upgrade the quality of people’s lives, but also via the environment and energy projects that promote the circular economy and energy production through alternative and renewable sources, while creating added value for all the Group’s stakeholders.

ELLAKTOR Group’s business strategy focuses on strengthening its footprint in the Construction, Environment, Concessions, and Green Energy Production segments. Focusing on the use of innovative practices and modern technologies, the Group aims to create sustainable-green and secure infrastructure projects for the people and the environment, and to produce alternative energy sources to respond to the need for protection against Climate Change and for the transition to Green forms of energy.


The Group, recognising its responsibility towards the environment, has set effective environmental management and the reduction of any burden resulting from its business activities as a goal and priority. In this context, it applies practices to minimise negative environmental impacts and protect ecosystems, while it focuses on informing its stakeholders and raising their awareness on environmental issues and also places circular economy and climate change at the core of its strategy.


Concern for Health and Safety (H&S) of all the human resources employed by the Group is a basic part of its broader business policy and philosophy, aiming to ensure a healthy and safe working environment and to develop a culture to achieve zero accidents.

ELLAKTOR Group’s employees are the driving force behind the Group and its most significant comparative advantage. The Group’s ability to implement complex projects under technical difficulties and stringent timelines, is attributed to its employees, who contribute their knowledge, professionalism and dedication to offer high quality services to customers and associates.

ELLAKTOR Group, leveraging its diversified portfolio of activities, focuses on the development of new and innovative projects, which contribute towards developing and improving the quality of life. The Group supports the Greek economy and creates value, part of which is returns to society. It seeks to always be close to society, listening to its needs and expectations and responding to them with professionalism, dignity and respect, building relationships of trust and supporting the local communities in which it operates.


The demanding and constantly changing environment in which ELLAKTOR Group operates dictates an effective Corporate Governance framework that responds to the challenges of the times and adapts to business, economic and social conditions, recognising risks and opportunities.

ELLAKTOR Group’s operation is based on a modern and effective model geared towards sustainable and responsible development and applies corporate governance practices in relation to the size, composition, tasks and the overall operation of its Board of Directors (BoD) and committees. Moreover, it intends to carry out its activities honestly, ethically, with integrity and in line with the applicable laws, regulations and standards, its policies and guidelines and its Code of Ethics.

In order to ensure transparency in all its activities and greater efficiency of its business operations, ELLAKTOR Group has developed procedures and Management Systems, which are certified in accordance with international management standards. Apart from guaranteeing compliance with the applicable legislation, this ensures constant improvement and greater reliability of the Group, also providing multiple benefits related to safe working conditions, protection of the environment and enhanced productivity and sustainability.

It is worth noting that the Group, in cooperation with its suppliers, aims to fully meet the needs of its projects and operations and to achieve the highest quality of its final projects, products and services.