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Waste To Energy

Generating energy from waste and residues

By the term waste to energy, we mean recycling of energy from waste and residual material. Household and industrial waste as well as biomass is suitable for the process.

The new EC guideline 1999/31/EC was already put into national law in Germany in June 2005. This made the subject waste to energy become more important. Ever since then, only pre-processed waste such as residual material from waste incineration or from waste fermentation can be disposed of permanently in landfill sites. For communities and business establishments which produce huge quantities of waste, the need to look for alternative possibilities of disposal created a big challenge.

From Energy recovery from waste …

… there are now a few thermal processes for waste treatment. They all have the aim of extracting energy from residual material. The quality however depends on the respective flexibility and energy efficiency.

With the Herhof Stabilat® …

… we produce a storable substitute fuel that can be used in a flexible manner both temporally and spatially. Always and anywhere where energy is needed.