-1,29% €2,685
-1,29% €2,685

Aerobic Waste Treatment

The volume of residual waste is organically reduced through dewatering. At the end, the water content lies distinctly below 15 percent, which significantly improves the mechanical separability of the material. This distinguishes Herhof’s Stabilat® process from all other conventional treatment techniques. Reusable material is separated during the process and can be sold as a genuine high-quality raw material and returned into the material cycle. The remaining organic waste fraction is pressed into hygienic, nearly odour-free energy resources known as pellets.

  1. Processing

Extraneous matter and harmful substances are removed from the waste and the latter is then shredded to a maximum grain size of 250 mm and then transported via a fully-automatic crane system into the Herhof bio box.

  1. Stabilisation

In the Herhof bio box, the waste is dewatered through biological means. This is the vital step to the subsequent pure source separated break down of the waste mixture into reusable material and energy as well as for the storability of the fuel generated.

  1. Inert separation

This means the removal of the mineral fraction (stones, glass, ceramics) and the metals, separated into ferrous and non-ferrous metals.