Greek Nurseries is a specialized company producing ornamental plants of different types, uses and sizes. The company was founded in 2008 with the aim to play an important role to the full coverage of Hellas Gold and ELLAKTOR Group’s projects ‘needs and the wholesale of ornamental plants to other nurseries and landscape construction companies.

Greek Nurseries in brief

Greek Nurseries, 50% subsidiary of TOMI S.A. and 50% subsidiary of HELLAS GOLD S.A., produces about 320 different species of ornamental plants in an area of 110 acres, through its specialized experience to multiply propagating material. The company implements a program of controlled irrigation and fertilization during their growing period, taking all necessary protective measures for its smooth operation.

4Services sectors

110 acres

of production

4 acres


500 m2

growth chamber for seed germination and rooting of cuttings


mechanical equipment


Olympias, Halkidiki, 57400