ELLAKTOR, the parent company of the Group, following the merger by absorption of EL.TECH. ANEMOS, a subsidiary of the ELLAKTOR Group, is the central arm of the Group in the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) segment and the 2nd largest wind energy producer in Greece.

ELLAKTOR in brief

Full integration of EL.TECH. ANEMOS in ELLAKTOR reflects the Group’s commitment for the strengthening of its presence in the RES sector and its aim to evolve in a key player not only in Greece but worldwide, utilizing ELLAKTOR Group’s presence in 29 countries.

Today, the RES segment of ELLAKTOR operates wind farms of a total installed capacity of 491 MW, situated across Greece, from Thrace to Crete and from Cephalonia to Lesvos, utilizing the significant energy dynamic of the country in RES.

An investment plan foreseeing the construction and the operation of 2 new wind farms of a total installed capacity of 88.2 MW is underway.

Moreover, ELLAKTOR possesses RES projects (mainly Wind Farms) with a capacity of 454.14 MW, at various stages of the licensing process.


Largest Wind Energy Producer in Greece


Wind Farms in Operation

491 MW

Installed Capacity

88.2 MW

Wind Farms under construction