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Smart Park: double-digit increase footfall growth and new agreement for a “PINK WOMAN” store

The Smart Park recorded a double-digit footfall growth since the lifting of traffic restrictions, with 19% growth in June and 15% in July, compared to the respective months of 2019, reflecting the public’s preference for safe and open commercial and recreational areas.

At the same time, confirming the Smart Park’s potential, as well as the consumers’ trust, particularly during this critical time for public health and the Greek economy, Smart Park enhances the mix of the services it offers, by adding “PINK WOMAN”, a new women’s clothing and accessories retail store, with a total surface area of approximately 289 sq.m.

In particular, “GYALOU COMMERCIAL AND TOURISM SA”, a REDS SA subsidiary, which operates and exploits Smart Park, recently signed a commercial property lease agreement with the company “INTRAFASHION GROUP Craft and Commercial Société Anonyme”, which owns the “PINK WOMAN” trademark, for the creation of a commercial store. The “PINK WOMAN” brand has an international presence in the clothing retail sector, with more than 80 stores in 5 countries.

It is reminded that Smart Park restarted operations on 4 May 2020, initially with a limited number of stores, whereas, as from 11 May 2020 the Part returned to normal operations with the reopening of all stores. The safety of Smart Park’s staff, employees and visitors remains the highest priority. In this context, additional measures are constantly taken in order to safeguard everyone’s health.