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Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of the ELLAKTOR Group – Objective: to increase the share capital by €120 mil.

The Board of Directors of the ELLAKTOR Group convenes an Extraordinary General Meeting, which shall take place on Friday, April 2, 2021 at 11:00. During the E.G.M. it will be proposed, inter alia, to increase the share capital of the Company, in order to raise funds up to the sum of €120.5 mil.

The funds, which will be raised from the proposed Increase, will be allocated to cover investments amounting to approximately €20.5 mil. to finance projects in the Energy sector and approximately €100 mil. for the Company’s participation in the share capital increase of its subsidiary AKTOR S.A.

The issuance cost of the New Shares will be deducted pro rata from the aforementioned amounts and the total amount of the funds raised by AKTOR S.A. will be allocated to cover liabilities arising from activities abroad, mainly those related to the construction of photovoltaic installations, as well as its liabilities in the Greek market, €45 mil. and €55 mil. respectively.

Mr. Aris Xenofos, Vice Chairman of the B.o.D. and CEO of the Group, stated regarding the proposed increase: “The Share Capital Increase will reposition the Group strategically both in the domestic and foreign markets in which we operate, addressing decisively past pending issues and laying solid and healthy foundations for our dynamic participation in the anticipated positive trend in the industry”. And he adds: “the presence of the Group’s strong share base is nothing less than a guarantee of a successful increase”.

It is noted that the backlog of the Group’s Construction sector reached €1.6 billion at 30.09.2020. During 2020, contracts worth €671 million were signed, while new projects worth €203 million have been secured and signature of the respective contracts is awaited (backlog total €1.8 billion). In addition, public investment in Greece is expected to increase following the government’s announcements regarding the intention to accelerate implementation of projects, and also as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic stimulus measures to promote recovery of the economies in countries where AKTOR SA is strategically active, offering significant opportunities in infrastructure projects related to its activities.

The ELLAKTOR Group’s strategy for the activation of the construction industry abroad focuses on Romania, which has significant needs in infrastructure works. The emphasis on the development of the construction sector in Romania enables the Group to capitalize on its accumulated experience and technical know-how in this country. In addition, it is following a highly selective approach with regard to the pursuit of contracts in Qatar, targeting facility management service contracts. In this context, the disengagement of the construction sector has been designed and is being implemented from the rest foreign markets. The objective is to conclude the Share Capital Increase by June.