Senior Notes – Summary Term Sheet

€670m Senior Notes due 2024

Senior Notes – Summary term sheet

  • On 5 December 2019, ELLAKTOR, through its subsidiary ELLAKTOR VALUE PLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ELLAKTOR SA, completed the issue and placement of non-collatelarised Eurobonds worth EUR 600 million
    • with interest rate at 6.375%,
    • maturity in 2024 and
    • issue price of 100.000%
  • This issue helped to fully achieve the objective of a truly international bond which ensures future access to large foreign portfolios
  • It is the largest High Yield Green Bond in Europe for 2019
  • It is the first issue of High Yield Green Bond in Greece
  • On 30 January 2020, ELLAKTOR also completed an additional issue of €70 million, with interest rate at 6.375% and maturity in 2024.
IssuerELLAKTOR Value Plc
Issue ratingB+ (Fitch) / B- (S&P)
Tenor 5 years
Optional Redemption5NC2
Change of ControlInvestor put at 101
RankingSenior Notes
GuarantorsGuaranteed by ELLAKTOR S.A., AKTOR Concessions and HELECTOR
Use of ProceedsRefinancing of certain existing indebtedness
Distribution formatReg S  / 144A
Green bond certificationClimate Bonds Initiative
Listing The International Stock Exchange (TISE), Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart Stock Exchanges.
Governing lawNew York Law


ISINXS2092381289 – Rule 144A
ISINXS2092381107 – Regulation S