Contribution to Society

Creation and Distribution of economic value

One key objective and strategic priority for the Group is to operate responsibly within the society where it operates, so as to enhance its positive impact and return value to it. The Group contributes to the welfare of society through its business operations and social activities, responding consistently, responsibly and transparently to the social demands and needs.


Contributing to Society

The Group and its companies maintain open communication with local communities and implement programmes, focusing on the support of social groups in need through initiatives that improve local infrastructure, foster the cultural and social development of the local community, promote recycling, raise awareness and provide training on road safety issues, while at the same time raise awareness amongst employees.

In the beginning of 2020, taking into account the needs of local communities and the opportunities provided by the expertise and resources available, the Group established a new social contribution strategy, with 5 focus areas:


Employee Volunteering

The Group’s employees actively participate in voluntary social solidarity events held annually.