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Ekkara Railway Bridge


The Railway Bridge of Ekkara (SG26), in Domokos, plays a crucial role in the completion of the high-speed railway line in the section Tithorea-Domokos. Its construction was undertaken by AKTOR and the project was completed in the end of 2018.

The Railway Bridge SG26 of 404.80 m. length is the longest cable-stay railway bridge in the Balkans.

More specifically, it is a three tied arches bridge made of steel, constructed with the incremental launching method. The bridge crosses the active fault of Ekkara, a fact that signifies the increased construction challenge, due to the need to anticipate and face major earthquakes, which are usual for the area. The bridge consists of three tied arches on concrete piers. Its height is 70 m. and the deck’s width is 18.02 m. The main longitudinal beams, the arches and the hangers are made of steel, while the transverse I-beams are mixed with the rail track panels.

The Ekkara Bridge (SG26), the largest railway bridge in the Balkans, as well as the “Othrios” Twin Tunnel, the 2nd longest railway tunnel in Greece, are extremely demanding and challenging projects and an active contribution on behalf of AKTOR in the modernization and evolution of the railways in Greece.



Ekkara Railway Bridge


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