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Olympia Odos


Olympia Odos is a motorway which connects Elefsina to Patras and serves as the main link between Athens and the port of Patras. At the same time, it is a project of national strategic importance, as it links the capital, Athens, with the Regions of Peloponnese, Western Greece and Epirus.

Olympia Odos is included among the biggest road projects ever constructed in Greece, since it is the only motorway whose largest part (from Corinth to Patras) was constructed while the road was in operation.

In addition, it has been one of the most challenging road projects due to the unstable geological environment of the area along the northern coastline of the Peloponnese, from Corinth to Patras, as well as due to the large number of interchanges it includes, with an interchange corresponding to every 7 kilometers of the motorway.

Having a total length of 201.5 km, Olympia Odos includes among others, 29 Interchanges, 80 Bridges, 38 Overpasses, 204 Underpasses, as well as 29 Tunnels with a total length of 25.6 km.

The total construction cost of Olympia Odos amounted to €1.5 billion and was financed by 38% by private funds of the Concessionaire “Olympia Odos S.A.” (in which AKTOR CONCESSIONS holds a 17% share), 33% by European Union funds, 23% by the contribution of users and 6% by the Greek State.

The term of the Concession Agreement has been set to 30 years, starting in 2008.



Olympia Odos


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