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Moreas Motorway


Moreas Motorway, part of the Trans-European Network (TEN), is a modern high standard motorway, which has drastically reduced travel time within the Region of Peloponnese, while making travel from Athens to Kalamata and from Athens to Sparta feasible in approximately two hours.

At the same time, the upgrading of the road network to motorway standards, with 2 lanes per direction and a central reserve (median barrier), has substantially contributed to increased road safety.

The total construction cost of the motorway reached approximately €1 billion and is financed by 30% by public funds, while the remaining 70% is financed by the Concessionaire (in which AKTOR CONCESSIONS holds a 71.7% share), which collects the motorway’s tolls in return.

The Concession Agreement was signed on January 31st 2007, providing for a concession period of 30 years.

Having a total length of 205 km, Moreas Motorway includes 25 interchanges and 5 twin bore tunnels with a total tube length of 5 km.



Moreas Motorway


Motorway Concession


Peloponnese, Greece