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Mechanical Biological Treatment Unit for Mixed Municipal Waste, Larnaca, Cyprus


The Mechanical Biological Treatment Unit in Larnaca, Cyprus, was constructed by HELECTOR in 2010. With a capacity of 190,000 tons/year, it was one of the first projects globally to use visual separation technology for the recovery of recyclables from mixed waste.

Apart from visual separators, the two state-of-the-art Mechanical Sorting lines are equipped with a sieving system, magnetic, ballistic, as well as Eddy Current aluminum separators, which allow the Unit to receive mixed waste, ensure the separation of different materials from the mixed waste stream and recover a very high percentage of recyclable waste. At the same time, organic fraction is also recovered, before undergoing the process of aerobic biodegradation.

The use of visual separators for the process, maximises both recovery and the purity of recycled materials, while minimising human intervention and offering a great amount of flexibility in terms of recyclables’ recovery options.

Facilities include Aerobic Composting of the mixed waste organic fraction, using technology developed by the internationally recognized German company Herhof GmbH, which is a 100% subsidiary of HELECTOR.

Treatment of the organic fraction produces C.L.O. (Compost-like Output), which can be used as soil conditioner in the reclamation and final restoration of old landfills, quarries, mines, etc. These facilities also possess the capability of producing excellent quality compost for use in agricultural applications by pre-sorted organic streams (green waste and separately collected organic). One of the greatest advantages of this technology is that it allows for absolute control of the evolution of the process in closed bioreactors, while eliminating all kinds of odor nuisances, which are common in technologically inferior solutions.

The Unit also includes a Sanitary landfill site, which is fully compliant with EU standards. The bottom of the landfill is geomembrane-lined and equipped with a leachate collection system, which leads collected leachate to the sewage treatment plant of the Unit with the use of a reverse osmosis system, while the biogas released is collected and destroyed in torch. Finally, the purified wastewater is re-used in the facilities.



Larnaca Mechanical Biological Treatment Unit for Mixed Municipal Waste


Mechanical Biological Treatment with aerobic treatment of the organic fraction


Larnaca, Cyprus