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Construction of the First Section of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP)


One of the most emblematic projects of AKTOR in the sector of Natural Gas pipeline construction is the construction of the first section of the TAP pipeline (Trans Adriatic Pipeline) in Northern Greece, to enable the transfer of natural gas from Azerbaijan to Europe. The project entails the construction of a 180klm pipeline of 75 barg pressure, with a diameter of 48 inches, from the area of Kipi in the borders between Greece and Turkey to the city of Kavala, as well as complimentary facilities for its operation.

The construction of the project was implemented by AKTOR in a joint venture with the French Spiecapag (40%-60%).

The installation works of the pipeline noted a constant construction progress of  700 m/day (400 m/day in mountain areas) with the support of five (5) to seven (7) working teams for the connection of the completed pipeline sections. Pipe welding for the main corridor was done by automatic welding machines, a process followed by a welding ultrasonic inspection.

The project employed approximately 850 people, consists of 18 block valve stations, a number of special passages with horizontal directional drilling methods, among which four (4) river crossings with long directional drillings, scraper traps, connection lines to and from the Compressor Station and a system of Cathodic Protection and Optical Fibers Network.



Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP)


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