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Construction of the new Headquarters Building of TSMEDE


AKTOR undertook and implemented the construction of the new, modern, smart and energy self-sufficient building of the Engineers and Public Works Contractors Pension Fund (TSMEDE), at Klafthmonos square, in the center of Athens. It is an office building of conventional structure made of reinforced fair-faced concrete, with basement, ground floor, mezzanine and seven upper levels, with a total area of 6,000 m².

A central factor taken into account in the architectural design and construction of the building by AKTOR was to include and highlight the important archaeological findings that came to light during the excavation of the building’s foundations and were a continuation of the ancient wall of Athens.

The building includes open plan office spaces, spaces for cultural events and a multipurpose room. Movable partitions have also been used, allowing for the necessary flexibility and the building’s adaptation to future changes. All functions are located on the five floors, while the last two floors have been planned for the management and the conference room, along with a fully equipped two-storey canteen for employees and visitors.

As a “green” building, it is equipped with modern energy efficiency systems, energy glazing, photovoltaic panels, INSTABUS for the lighting operation and management, BMS for the control and operation of all electromechanical installations, audiovisual and translation systems for the needs of conferences, as well as integrated fire protection and fire extinguishing systems.



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