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Heppenheim Biomass Plant

/ Herhof Ltd

The Heppenheim Biogas Plant, in operation since 2016, is one of HERHOF’s flag-ship projects, as the first turnkey construction project of a facility that combines HERHOF’s Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technology with the company’s Aerobic Composting technology. It is the first facility around the world that does not require a compost maturation area. The compost is sent to the market right after the intensive aerobic treatment in the Rotteboxes®.

The facility has been designed and constructed by HERHOF to treat preselected organic waste (BioWaste) and green waste, implementing the Dry Anaerobic Digestion (“DAD”) technology combined with intensive composting in the Rotteboxes®, in order first to produce biogas and then compost of Grade 4-5 as fertilizer.

The solution of composting boxes, and more specifically HERHOF’s “Rotteboxes®”, was preferred because of its high performance and the limited space that is needed for installation.

The compost that is produced after the aerobic treatment in the Rotteboxes® is directly sent away to the agricultural market. No further treatment is required for the compost at a maturation area and this leads to a smaller footprint of the facility. Furthermore, the heat of the CHP is used to actively support the hygienization of the digestate during the composting phase.

The Dry Anaerobic Digestion runs with the “Weak Gas” management system of the facility, developed by HERHOF in order to optimize both the quality and the quantity of the biogas production.

Finally, a special treatment process (“hygienization”) of the liquid percolate water differentiates the Heppenheim Biogas Plant, upgrading it into one of the most modern and state-of-the-art waste treatment facilities around the world.

HERHOF GMBH, a subsidiary of HELECTOR S.A., offers a wide spectrum of innovative services in waste exploitation for energy, alternative fuels and compost production. Specialized in the design, construction, commissioning and operation of MBT, composting and biogas plants, the company also offers customized waste separation and sorting solutions. Moreover, HERHOF is active in the support and maintenance service areas, in exhaust air and air treatment, in water treatment and in automation and controlling of facilities.


Technology utilized

  • Capacity: 31,000 t/a bio waste from households
  • 8 Fermenter with ~3,600 m³
  • 1 Percolate tank with ~975 m³
  • 6 Intensive composting boxes Rotteboxes® with ~2,400 m³
  • ~2,400,000 m³ biogas per year
  • ~17,500 m³ compost per year



BGA Heppenheim an der Kläranlage Heppenheim


Biomass Plant


Heppenheim, Germany, Ratsäckerweg 14 / Weidequerweg D - 64646 Heppenheim (Bergstraße)