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Rion – Antirrion Bridge (Charilaos Trikoupis)


The Rion – Antirrion Bridge constitutes one of the most emblematic projects in Greece, while it is the largest in length multi-span cable-stay bridge worldwide. ΑKTOR, experienced in the construction of bridges, was in the front line during the construction of this monumental and difficult infrastructure project.

The construction of the Rion – Antirrion Bridge was very challenging due to the combination of a number of unfavourable factors, such as the unusual depth of the bridge’s foundations, poor resistance of the seabed and the high degree of seismic activity and tectonic movement in the area.

In order to face the special characteristics and challenges of the construction, innovative designs and off-shore construction methods were implemented. Those include the shallow foundations on reinforced soil, the continuous and fully suspended deck for the full length of the bridge (2,252 m), the huge dissipation system, the stay cables equipped with special para-seismic devices and the expansion joints, which can accommodate large displacements in all directions.

The total length of the Rion – Antirrion Bridge is 2,833m., while the cable section of the bridge is 2,252 m.

The foundations of the Rion – Antirrion Bridge have 90m. diameter and are situated at a depth of 65m., which signifies a global record. The pylons’ height ranges from 145m. to 165m. above sea level and the height of the free center-span is 52m., ensuring the clear passage of all ships.

The main construction works commenced in October 1998 and were completed by August 2004.

The construction of the Rion – Antirrion Bridge allowed for the permanent connectivity between the Peloponnese and Western Greece, by reducing the average crossing time from 45 minutes, by boat and often interrupted due to weather conditions, to only 5 minutes by car via the Bridge.

AKTOR has acquired extensive and profound experience in the construction of all types of bridges, following its participation in the monumental and challenging project of the Rion – Antirrion Bridge and the innovative for the time Evripos Bridge, in Evia, which was the first cable-stay bridge in Greece. AKTOR enriches its know-how with research into latest methods using the most modern methods and technology innovations, such as prefabrication, launching of prefabricated beams, cantilever construction, sliding incremental launching and others.



Rion – Antirrion Bridge (Charilaos Trikoupis)


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