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Hazardous Medical Waste Management – Incinerator


HELECTOR is the leader in the field of Hazardous Medical Waste Management (HMWM), as it has constructed and operates since 2002, through the HELECTOR S.A. – ARSI S.A. Joint Venture, the only Medical Waste Incineration Plant (MWIP) in Greece, located in the Sanitary Landfill area in Ano Liossia. The owner of the project is the Special Inter-Collective Association of the Prefecture of Attica (EDSNA), with HELECTOR participating in the Joint Venture with 70%.

The plant at Ano Liossia is the first and the only licensed incineration facility for hospital waste currently in operation in Greece, receiving 4,000 tons of waste per year, from 1,800 medical unit points around Greece (hospitals, clinics, clinical laboratories, doctors’ private practice, dental clinics, veterinary clinics and pharmaceutical warehouses). The facility has a daily capacity of 30 tons, 2 independent incineration lines, temporary storage cooling chambers, internal wastewater management, a radiation control gate and a continuous monitoring system of exhaust gases. The 24-hour operation of the incineration plant ensures the lawful destruction of all collected waste within a short period and the provision of the necessary documents, such as full destruction certificates from the disposal facility within a few days, with the application of advanced technology and the best available techniques.

Apotefrotiras SA

In the hazardous medical waste collection and transportation sector, Apotefrotiras SA, in which the company of HELECTOR participates with a share of 65%, constitutes a leading force in the field of Hazardous Medical Waste Management (H.M.W). The main object of activity of APOTEFROTIRAS SA is the provision of services for the collection and transportation of Hazardous Medical Waste from Healthcare Units, as well as those of the Pharmaceutical industry and Medicine market, utilizing the experienced and highly trained human resources and modern equipment that the company possesses.

The leading Position that Apotefrotiras SA possesses in the area of management for all categories of Hazardous Medical Waste, is the result deriving from its adopted basic principles:

  • Respect for the Environment
  • Respect for People
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Integrated Services

Collection – Shipping H.M.W

Apotefrotiras SA with a nationwide interregional collection / transport license, is well-positioned to serve the entire country with a state-of-the-art fleet of 6 refrigerator trucks and highly trained personnel able to meet any need even in cases of emergency. 24-hour operation and close collaboration with management units in Greece offers the ability to provide immediate service to even the most demanding projects.

Apotefrotiras SA implements an integrated System for Telematics Management and Monitoring of Waste Collection and Shipment Processes.

Final disposal proximity – Immediate disposal of waste from storage areas.

Through the cooperation of Apotefrotiras SA with the only fully licensed hazardous waste incineration plant in Greece, it can directly serve customers’ needs by removing dozens of tons of hazardous medical waste within only a few days, thus providing immediate availability in the ever-required storage areas of its customers.

The 24 – hour incineration plant operation ensures the legally required destruction of all the collected hazardous waste within a short period of time and provides all the necessary documents – certificates of complete destruction by the final disposal unit within a few days.





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Hazardous Medical Waste management


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