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Energy Exploitation of Biogas produced in Landfills – BEAL


HELECTOR has significant experience and know-how in the energy exploitation of biogas produced in landfills as well as in the design, construction and maintenance of biogas networks. Its portfolio includes the construction and operation of BEAL (Biogas Energy Ano Liossia, Fyli), the largest landfill gas powered plant in Europe of 24.2 MWe and the respective biogas plant of 5 MWe in Tagarades, Thessaloniki, while new investments of €5.2m. are implemented in Mavrorahi Landfill and in Kozani.

In total, more than 35MWe are produced by the use of landfill biogas (> 220.000 MWh/year), while new investments of ~5MWe are soon to be completed.




The station consumes about 12,000 m³/h of biogas, which is pumped and driven to the station through a network of vertical and horizontal pipes, is treated through cooling and dehumidification process according to the engines’ specifications, prior entering gas engines. Moreover, the recoverable heat from the new engines can be utilized in the evaporators of the nearby leachate treatment plant which is owned by Attica Waste Management Association.

The main benefit from the operation of BEAL is environmental and lies in the utilization biogas for the production of electricity and heat, as well as in the destruction of the methane (CH4) produced within the landfill, which is a main ingredient of biogas (21 times more effective than CO2 on greenhouse effect).

The station can produce annually about 170,000 MWh of renewable electricity by replacing fossil fuels that otherwise would be required for the same energy output. This prevents the additional release of carbon dioxide by 420,000 t/y. Finally, the utilization of the recoverable heat in the leachates evaporators can reduce oil consumption by 400 l/h.

BEAL S.A. operates successfully since 2001 and is jointly developed by HELECTOR (50%) and the Australian Energy Developments Ltd (50%).



Biogas Energy Ano Liossia (BEAL)


Energy Exploitation of Biogas produced in Landfills


Ano Liossia-Fyli, Attica, Greece, Τel.: +30 210 8184700, Fax: +30 210 8184701