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ASA Recycle, a subsidiary of HELECTOR, is mainly engaged in the sorting of recyclable solid waste into single recyclable materials for trading in licensed recyclers.

More specifically, ASA Recycle is mainly active in the collection of solid recyclable waste, and the transport, sorting into individual recyclable materials, packing and promotion of these to its customers. At the same time, the company implements clean up works in organizations, companies, buildings, etc. from useless or recyclable solid materials, which are processed in its privately owned facilities. Then, the company promotes the recyclable materials to its partners and the rest of the materials to legitimate recipients. In addition, the company undertakes the destruction of files and documents to end up in an irrecoverable form.

The separation (sorting) of recyclable materials, which come from the blue bin and Industrial & Commercial Packaging Waste (VEAS), at ΚΔΑΥ (Recycling Materials Sorting Plant) is carried out by machines and with the help of sieves or screens, magnets and optical separators, as well as manually by qualified personnel.

A thorough quality control is carried out at all stages of the production process to ensure the homogeneity and quality of the final product. Some of the materials that are separated are:

  • Paper – Cardboard (various qualities)
  • Plastic (PET, HDPE, PS / PP, polystyrene, PE etc.)
  • Metal Scrap (iron, copper, brass, aluminum)
  • Glass
  • Tetrapak

Since 2015, ASA Recycle operates the first privately owned glass-processing factory in Aspropyrgos, Attica, which receives materials from the regions of Central and Southern Greece, as well as the islands of Greece and since 2017 operates in Thessaloniki the second privately owned glass processing unit, which serves all of northern Greece. The glass processing plant receives empty glass packaging, which is crushed using a Roller crusher and then separated by machines (using sieves or screens), magnets and optical separators) into a transparent flint and colored cullet.

The company’s fleet consists of commercial trucks of various types and open top connex or press connex of various capacities, in order to be able to meet the requirements and needs of its customers.

The company’s activity in the field of commercial industrial and domestic recyclable solid waste and the extensive experience in material recycling works made the company a valuable partner of particularly important private companies, as well as Public Organizations and Bodies. In addition, the company is audited by an international rating agency for the certification of the offered high services to its customers, always having the safety of its employees and the protection of the environment as a top priority.


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