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Renovation – Reconstruction of the Astir Palace Vouliagmeni Hotel complex (Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens)


The passage of the legendary “Astir Palace Vouliagmeni” into a new era as Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens had the signature of AKTOR. The international behemoth hotel brand trusted the leading expertise AKTOR has developed in the construction of high standard hotel facilities for the complex and extremely demanding project of the total renovation of Astir Palace Vouliagmeni”, a hotel that has been a timeless landmark for Greek tourism and one of the best new hotels of 2019, according to Forbes.

The project included the total renovation and upgrading of the two (2) main hotel units of the complex, “ARION” and “NAFSIKA”, as well as the restoration of green areas, aiming to ensure the sustainable development of the 302 acres pine-covered peninsula, in the area of “Laimos Vouliagmenis”, right in the heart of the Athens Riviera.

For the implementation of the project, AKTOR cooperated with a large team of designers and consultants from all over the world (such as top architectural and interior design offices). Apart from the need for constant and close co-ordination of all involved parties, the project included the responsibility of incorporating an extremely high level of architectural finishes, while managing a variety of top quality materials of international and Greek origin.

The totally renovated by AKTOR hotel complex consists of 192 rooms, 42 suites and 61 bungalows, with its built up area reaching 40.000 m².



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