Key Segments


ELLAKTOR Group is a leader in Construction through its biggest subsidiary, AKTOR, with 70 years of experience in complex and demanding Infrastructure, Building, and Industrial projects, as well as in Photovoltaic Parks. The portfolio of the Construction Segment consists of bridges, motorways, metro projects, biological treatment plants, natural gas pipelines, refineries, logistics buildings, shopping centers, office buildings, residential buildings, casinos, industrial buildings, tourist and hotel units, cultural centers, hospitals, airports, educational buildings, Olympic and athletic complexes, railway projects, tunnels, dams, port projects, energy production stations, electromechanical projects etc.


ELLAKTOR Group is active in the Segment of Concessions through its subsidiary, AKTOR CONCESSIONS, which was the first company to enter into concessions agreements already since the 1990s and is a leader in concessions projects in Greece. The Concessions Segment consists of shares in the largest and most modern motorways in Greece, in waste management plants, in parking buildings and marines. The Concessions Segment of ELLAKTOR Group has vast experience that covers the whole spectrum of needs relevant to concessions, whether it is design, financing and construction or maintenance and operation.


ELLAKTOR Group’s activity in the Segment of Environment is implemented through its subsidiary, HELECTOR, which is a vertically integrated company in the field of waste management and energy production. The valuable know-how and specialization of ELLAKTOR’s Segment of Environment allows the Group to offer integrated solutions in waste management that include the design, construction and operations of up-to-date waste treatment plants, as well as of alternative fuel production and biomass exploitation projects.

Renewable Energy Sources

ELLAKTOR Group is present in the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Segment through the parent company, ELLAKTOR, which develops, constructs and operates wind farms. The Segment of RES, following its strategic investment plan, constantly expands its portfolio of projects by steadily increasing the installed capacity of the wind farms. The existing and the under construction wind farms are situated in selected locations, combining specific characteristics favourable to the operation of wind farms and show high rate of return.

Real Estate Development & Services

ELLAKTOR Group’s operations in the Segment of Real Estate Development & Services come through its subsidiary, REDS, which identifies properties with positive prospects and attractive pricing in order to develop them into high quality ventures. The Segment of Real Estate & Services focuses on Retail Parks, Entertainment Centres, Residential Complexes, Exhibition Centers, Offices and Mixed Use Buildings. In parallel, the Real Estate Development & Services Segment of ELLAKTOR Group provides services to third parties who need expert local consultancy and service provision. REDS can undertake the concept design, the support in the legal, urban, territorial and technical framework for the development of large private investments, the development and construction management, the planning, lease strategy and real estate management, as well as feasibility studies and business plans.